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I've been diagnosed...
now what?

If you have recently found out that you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, here is some practical advice to consider from other prostate cancer survivors:

Be prepared for fluctuating emotions – you might think and feel like you are acting strange. After hearing you are diagnosed you may feel like there is a mental “fog” for a few weeks as your mind tries to process the news. Don’t be alarmed. Having your partner or trusted person come with you to your doctor appointments is often helpful.

Have someone with you
 – it is important to have someone nearby during this time that you can talk with about your thoughts and feelings. It is okay to have some help and have someone by your side during times like these.

Attend support groups
 – going to support groups allows you to talk with other men who have been in your shoes, walking in their prostate cancer journey. Support groups offer strong connections, emotional support, and are a great way to find recommended doctors and specialists and how to contact them. See below for some support groups in the Toronto area.

Find a care provider you trust
 – finding a care provider you are comfortable with and trust is important. If you trust your provider and share with them more of what you are going through, they are more able to help you. When considering treatment options, ask your care provider to refer you to a surgeon, a radiation oncologist and a brachytherapist. 

Learn about your options
 – learn as much as you can about prostate cancer and your options for treatment. As you consider various treatments, consider which side effects you are more willing to tolerate versus the ones you will not. Talk to your care provider about these concerns.





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