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2021 Walnut Symposium
Michael (Mike) Whiteley, Health and Fitness Specialist

Live the Amazing Life

Michael (Mike) Whiteley is an internationally recognized health and fitness specialist and professional athlete with a online client base that stretches through many countries. As a well recognized health expert and researcher with over 19 years of experience in fitness and integrative health. He has worked alongside many of the top health based corporations, manufacturers, doctors, and natural practitioners in North America as a consultant on health and fitness. 

Through his passion for fitness he has helped thousands of individuals maximize their physical performance and transformed their bodies, through his health and fitness coaching website, Protrainerlive.com

Over his years of coaching he has developed a unique Fingerprint training Philosophy for Transformation, which has 3 major principles: Think right – Eat right – Train right. 

With these principles, he continues to educate and inspire people to transform their minds and bodies.