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2021 Walnut Symposium
Gisella Theodore, CPA, CMA, Certified Public Accountant

Coping Strategies in This Pandemic, Focusing on your Financial Health

Gisella Theodore is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA, CMA), with over fifteen years in the finance industry. She has a passion to see families protect, build, and accumulate wealth; something she strongly believes will build stronger communities and ultimately a better economy.

Gisella successfully achieves this through a Financial Advisory role, where, through partnering with families, she analyzes facts and explores solutions to reach their goals by mitigating risks in order for them to achieve total financial independence by incorporating insurance, investment, and tax planning strategies.

She has observed over the years that the big hiccup to families successfully achieving their goal of financial security, is their view of insurance and investment as something that “other people” do, or a waste of money. Her goal is to change that perception by highlighting the benefits of protecting their loved ones, actively participate in their child’s education by creating a college fund, and finally leave a legacy to their loved ones and ultimately achieve total financial independence.


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