On behalf of the Planning Committee of the 6th Annual "Walk The Path" Walkathon our first ever virtual walk, I am happy to report that with your generous support, persistence and team spirit we were able to achieve total pledges of $16, 500. More importantly, given the challenges of collecting on pledges due to covid-19 we have been able to collect on 90% of this pledged total and I have no doubt based on past performance that we will realise on 100% of this pledged amount.
Covid-19 has challenged us in many ways but it has also led to some interesting possibilities in terms of being more effective. We were able to get more donations online via our Canada Helps instant receipting platform and via person to person e-transfers. We were also able to reach a wider audience by making use of video conference platforms such as Callbridge and ZOOM in addition to traditional media such as newspaper and radio. Thanks to our supporters who helped to open opportunities for us.
We would like to thank all our donors for allocating some of their budget to men's health education and support during this pandemic because we know there are many other places your dollars could have been directed to...especially during this period of great uncertainty. Your faith has given us a great boost to continue the work we do at The Walnut Foundation.
A special thank you to all our prize donors, fundraisers and especially our top fundraisers for your enthusiasm, passion, activism and adaptability to the new normal....fundraising virtually. This years top fundraisers are:
1. Anthony Henry
2. Ken Noel
3. Charles Estridge
4. Vernon Clarke
5. Earl Williams
6. Eugene Brazier
The winner of our Father's Day contest......"Walking In His Shoe" is : Kevin Noel
As previously reported, our participation prize went to Sylvan Carew.
Thanks again for your support, enjoy the remainder of the summer and stay safe.
Anthony Henry
The Walnut Foundation